The Size of Uber and Lyft Could Cause Concerns That Many People Are Not Seeing

Any proponent of Uber or Lyft would likely be happy to hear that the company’s had their most successful years to date in 2015. This growth is a great thing. It gives them leverage and boosts investment resources in expanding the company. Uber used these resources to bring in UberSUV and reach the European market. Lyft has created an incredible marketing campaign and they shortened the gap in success considerably.

But, there may be a few odd things happening on the horizon. For as many people that want to see Uber succeed, just as many want to see it crushed. Uber and Lyft may face the brunt of any industry problems because they are right there- front and center.

Local governments seem to be focused on stopping ridesharing services entirely. What form that will take will probably be a lot of small stalls and disruptions along the way. These disruptions will largely be targeted at Uber and Lyft and what they are doing. This may open the door for a new competitor who is smaller and swifter.

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A Weird Catch-22

The growth of Uber and Lyft provides an intriguing catch-22. Uber grows larger by the day. That gives them a lot of resources. It also stifles their ability to change their system easily. For example, some states may begin requiring fingerprints. This would be something Uber can accommodate if they were still small. Now though, they may be too large to really put that into action.

A Major New Player

A smaller Rideshare competitor, on the other hand, can implement that feature and element at the ground floor. While Uber is left combating this legislative change, a competing entity is already well past it. It is a fascinating thing to suggest, and it is the same problem facing Lyft. Is it just possible that these companies are being too big and successful for their own good? They are wearing big targets that other competitors can potentially use to their advantage.

Who is going to profit off of this? It probably won’t be Lyft or Uber. Many leaders in the industry are suggesting that a third major player will shake up the landscape. Consider MySpace in the social media industry. They broke boundaries. They tested the market and demand. Uber Promo Code is still in its infancy. Both Uber and Lyft have the potential to permanently change the taxi landscape. The question is, will they be around to see it happen?

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